Canon IJ Scan Utility (Mac) 2.3.5

Canon IJ Scan Utility (Mac) 2.3.5

Canon Inc. - 24.97MB (Freeware)

Version : 2.3.5

Size : 24.97MB

Date Added : April 08,2018

License : Freeware

Languages : Multi-languages

Publisher : Canon Inc.

Website :

OS : macOS 10.13/ 10.12/ 10.11/ 10.10/ 10.9/ 10.8

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(Optional) This is an application that allows you to easily scan photos, documents, etc. Simple one-click scanning saves your time.

What is IJ Scan Utility (Scanner Software)?

IJ Scan Utility is an application that allows you to scan photos, documents, and more easily.
You can complete from scanning to storage at a time by clicking on the corresponding icon in the IJ Scan Utility main screen.

What Can You Do With IJ Scan Utility?

  1. Scan it Easily according to Purpose
    You can scan by clicking on icons like Auto (Auto) to scan easily, Photos to scan with the appropriate settings for photos, or Document (Document) to sharpen text on documents or magazines for better readability, according to type items or your goals.
  2. Auto-Scan Saved Image
    Scanned images are automatically saved in the preset folder. You can change the folder as needed.
  3. Integration with Applications
    You can use scanned images through integration with other apps; show scanned images in your favorite apps, attach them to email, retrieve text from images, and more.


  • For scanning, be sure to install this software (Canon IJ Scan Utility 2). To use this software, the ICA scanner driver also needs to be installed.
  • [OS v10.10]
    In scanning by opening the scanner driver, setting [Manual] in Image Correction is unable to scan properly.
    For image correction, be sure to scan with [None]. (OS X Yosemite)
  • [OS v10.11/10.12/10.13]
    When stitching the image data, the window for saving it is Displayed in black. The image data to be saved is normal.
  • [OS v10.11/10.12/10.13]
    When launching the UI of the ICA driver and performing scanning, the dialog displayed during scanning may be displayed ongoingly even after the scanning is finished. Use “×” button to close the dialog.
  • [OS v10.11]
    (USB)Launch IJ Scan Utility in advance before scanning from the product (Push-scan).
    Note that scanning by pressing the SCAN button on the product (Push-scan) cannot be performed even if IJ Scan Utility is launched in advance in the Ver. 10.11.2 or 10.11.3 environment. Upgrade the OS to Ver. 10.11.4 or higher.
  • [OS v10.12/10.13]
    (USB)Due to a change in the OS specifications, scanning from the product (by using the SCAN button) is not available. Perform scanning from a PC.
  • [OS v10.12/10.13]
    An error message “Cannot communicate with scanner” may be displayed in the environment where the printer is connected to macOS.
    Update the OS to Ver. 10.12.2 or higher.

Version 2.3.5

  • macOS High Sierra (10.13) has been added as a supported OS.

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